New MySpace Laws . . . Pfft

“If your 14 or 15, for example, on our site you can no longer be contacted by anyone who’s over the age of 18 unless they know who you are.” Hemanshu Nigam, Vice President of MySpace Security.

Really, is this going to work ? Its great that MySpace owners are finally going to do something about the Security for the 87 million members that are currently using the Blog site.

Its funny. Only yesterday i posted an article MySpace, Access To All? and today i fell into an article about MySpace security.

The new law that is being introduced next week is that nobody can contact you unless they know who you are, this means they know your first AND last name or know your email address, this law is being used to protect the youth of today.

My question is this, is it that hard to find out somebody’s name or anybody’s email address? Im not too sure if this ‘New Law’ is going to work to the effect MySpace owners are hoping for, as i said its great their trying, but they’re not going far enough.

Just this week MySpace was hit with a 30 million dollar lawsuit after a 14 year old girl was assaulted by a 19 year old male. The two first met on MySpace and a few weeks later met in person. To top of the argument the girl involved was believed to have lied about her age, so the fact that anybody can lie about their ages is one of the major issues that MySpace owners need to attend to. It is agreed that MySpace security measures fall way short of the line.

View the whole story at CBS News and please leave your comments here.


MySpace, Access To All Information?

“It blew me away” where the words coming from a 13 year old girls mother, when she discovered that her daughter had a Blog on the commonly known site MySpace.

To me it seems that the MySpace site is starting to get out of hand. It firstly came to my attention when i was reading an article called ‘MySpace pages of Werribee scumbag gang members’, when i was shocked. I couldnt believe it.

Marcy, the mother of the 13 year old girl had formed her own account to track her daughter personal myspace blog. To her disbelief she found all her daughters personal details, Address, Contact Numbers, School details and even Photos.

With society today poeple have learnt not to give out personal details over the internet as they could be used against them. In this case the topic is a 13 year old girl.

The mother sat her daughter down and said ‘Do you realize how inappropriate and how dangerous this is?’, after she had seen her daughters friends contact details and attached where photos of themselves with “There Butts in the air, with their thongs sticking out of it. They squeeze there elbows together to make there boobs look bigger”.

With the amount of wierdos out there, prime example is the Werribee scumbag gang members. Its unbelievable how easy it is to get personal details out of people just over the internet, and how frightening it could be if this type of information gets into the wrong hands. Source, Bob Sullivan – Correspondent MSNBC.

To get the full story visit msnbc and please leave your thoughts on the topic here. This is a very interesting topic and would love to no what you think.

Top 10 Scariest Games of All Time!

GTtv have recently put together the Top 10 scariest games of all time. I’m such a huge fan of the horror genre of gaming and have played many of these games in the countdown. I just loved Doom 3, especially at 3am with all the lights out without a sound in the house. Watch the clip below:

Cool wasn’t it!

Old Lady

A state trooper pulls a car over for speeding. In the car is an old lady who is hard of hearing and her husband. When the trooper asks the lady for her driver’s license the lady responds, “Heh, what did he say?”

The old man speaks up as he says, “HE NEEDS YOUR DRIVER’S LICENSE.”

A few minutes later the trooper comes back to the car and says, “Ma’am I see you’re from Florida.”

The old lady comments, “Heh, what did he say?”

The old man speaks up as he says, “HE SEES YOU’RE FROM FLORIDA.’” The old lady nods her head, “Yup.”

The trooper mutters, “Boy, one time, I got the worst piece of ass I ever had in Florida.”

The old lady replies, “Heh, what did he say?”

The old man yells, “HE SAYS HE THINKS HE KNOWS YOU!”

Myspace = world’s buggiest website

Sigh, so yet again I travel to to try and find someone’s profile because I really love the song which is played upon entering their profile. But of course, their servers fail me again. Seriously, I would have to concur that My Space is the most buggiest site on the entier Internet. Granted, they would be receiving millions of people entering their site at any given time, but from all the marketting and money they would no doubtably make off promotion and advertising to name a few, the least they can do is buy some decent equipment.

Ah, I suppose this is sounding like a complete whine and all, but I find it a bit odd at the shear number of people wanting to create a myspace profile. It seems to have become one of the most popular websites on the world with a myriad of people from difference cultures and backgrounds just eager to tell everyone about themselves. Or perhaps it’s because I’m naturally anti social which is the reason I cannot fully comprehend it? Heh, either way, I see it like fashion – everything eventually revolutionises and today’s craze could be tomorrow’s “out thing.”

I suppose it is a good thing though right? Connectly people around the world so they can share various anecdotes and tales about their lives. Meh, meh is my final comment.

YouTube Users Breaking The Law?

I was reading the news section on my Sony Ericsson hand set this afternoon while coming home from a job interview and stumbled into a heading ‘YouTube Users May Be Breaking The Law.’

According to the news report a 12 year old girl had uploaded a video of herself lip-syncing along to a well known pop song onto YouTube. She was later served with a copyright infringement notice saying that she has breached copyright laws.

While there have been no prosecutions in Australia, major music companies, mainly in the United States have been demanding that such videos be removed from YouTube

The argument put forward was the the 12 year old girl was not competing with the original market.

Mr O’Brien Said “It doesnt have to be a radical change to the amendments, but something  that allows someone to remix a small amount of someone elses work and put it in a different context as long as its not for commercial purposes and doesnt compete with the original” Source: ABC News, Friday 27th October 2006

The Federal Government last week introduced its ‘new’ changes to copyright laws into Parliament.

Check Out the full article here and give us your thoughts on the issue.

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