Myspace = world’s buggiest website

Sigh, so yet again I travel to to try and find someone’s profile because I really love the song which is played upon entering their profile. But of course, their servers fail me again. Seriously, I would have to concur that My Space is the most buggiest site on the entier Internet. Granted, they would be receiving millions of people entering their site at any given time, but from all the marketting and money they would no doubtably make off promotion and advertising to name a few, the least they can do is buy some decent equipment.

Ah, I suppose this is sounding like a complete whine and all, but I find it a bit odd at the shear number of people wanting to create a myspace profile. It seems to have become one of the most popular websites on the world with a myriad of people from difference cultures and backgrounds just eager to tell everyone about themselves. Or perhaps it’s because I’m naturally anti social which is the reason I cannot fully comprehend it? Heh, either way, I see it like fashion – everything eventually revolutionises and today’s craze could be tomorrow’s “out thing.”

I suppose it is a good thing though right? Connectly people around the world so they can share various anecdotes and tales about their lives. Meh, meh is my final comment.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve been led to believe that myspace is for the younger crowd. I asked a 41 year old computer programmer if she ever blogs and she had no idea what I was talking about. How long will it take for the 40 somethings to catch on?

  2. I know myspace seems to be the biggest ‘teen hangout’ and not many people in their mid to late 20’s visit the site or have a profile on there.

    The much older crowd (than say 16) use services such as Facebook or Friendster.

    These sites that more ‘adults’ frequently visit appear to have way less bugs than myspace.

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