MySpace, Access To All Information?

“It blew me away” where the words coming from a 13 year old girls mother, when she discovered that her daughter had a Blog on the commonly known site MySpace.

To me it seems that the MySpace site is starting to get out of hand. It firstly came to my attention when i was reading an article called ‘MySpace pages of Werribee scumbag gang members’, when i was shocked. I couldnt believe it.

Marcy, the mother of the 13 year old girl had formed her own account to track her daughter personal myspace blog. To her disbelief she found all her daughters personal details, Address, Contact Numbers, School details and even Photos.

With society today poeple have learnt not to give out personal details over the internet as they could be used against them. In this case the topic is a 13 year old girl.

The mother sat her daughter down and said ‘Do you realize how inappropriate and how dangerous this is?’, after she had seen her daughters friends contact details and attached where photos of themselves with “There Butts in the air, with their thongs sticking out of it. They squeeze there elbows together to make there boobs look bigger”.

With the amount of wierdos out there, prime example is the Werribee scumbag gang members. Its unbelievable how easy it is to get personal details out of people just over the internet, and how frightening it could be if this type of information gets into the wrong hands. Source, Bob Sullivan – Correspondent MSNBC.

To get the full story visit msnbc and please leave your thoughts on the topic here. This is a very interesting topic and would love to no what you think.


8 Responses

  1. Thanks for the credit Adam. It is an interesting issue which needs to be closely looked at i guess.

    Myspace has become so popular with teens of today, but the problem is that most teens are totally unaware of internet security and what it takes to keep your identity a secret. It is so easy to find out information about somebody’s location or other details, especially on sites such as myspace where users continuously post their own phone numbers and addresses (yes, i’ve seen it before) on their profile pages intended for the friends only.

    I’m sorry guys, but EVERYBODY has access to your myspace pages and if you put that kind of information on your page, no doubt millions of internet users know where you live, including search engines such as Google and Yahoo!.

    A follow up article could be a good idea, there’s so much to talk about regarding internet security and the plague that is myspace of today.

  2. As the mother of a 13 year old and an 11 year old, I do try to monitor my kids’ internet time and unfortunately for them that means almost no time on the computer at all. I went to a class offered at my church that taught internet safety and some of the things they talked about were very scary such as what you have mentioned here. Kids today are so insecure and the internet offers so many opportunities to lure a good kid away from what he/she knows is right.

  3. […] Its funny. Only yesterday i posted an article MySpace, Access To All? and today i fell into an article about MySpace security. […]

  4. This is a sensitive issue alright.But it isn’t Myspace’s fault either is it? They never asked the 13 year old girl to give out her personal information.So it’s the girl’s dumbness.MySpace actually can turn out to be useful at times cause it does end up finding you nice friends.Plus you can also post your music up there like Lily Allen did 😀

    Anyway,I’m not trying to defend MySpace.It’s just the kids that need to learn because the parent’s always can’t monitor them.The cleverer they tend to get,the more difficult it is.

  5. myspace is cool. only stupid people put the info on there. so its not really scary unless ur stupid.
    us common sence.

  6. Yeah…My parents should be so lucky I don’t buy into myspace/facebook at all. Well…I heard colleges look into it and someone did get rejected. That’s a huge reason. I guess you can always have myspace/facebook at community colleges.

  7. I still cant believe how many parents don’t sit down with there kids and explain the simple do’s and dont’s of the internet. Schools should cover this kind of thing and make sure the kids are aware of the dangers.

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