New MySpace Laws . . . Pfft

“If your 14 or 15, for example, on our site you can no longer be contacted by anyone who’s over the age of 18 unless they know who you are.” Hemanshu Nigam, Vice President of MySpace Security.

Really, is this going to work ? Its great that MySpace owners are finally going to do something about the Security for the 87 million members that are currently using the Blog site.

Its funny. Only yesterday i posted an article MySpace, Access To All? and today i fell into an article about MySpace security.

The new law that is being introduced next week is that nobody can contact you unless they know who you are, this means they know your first AND last name or know your email address, this law is being used to protect the youth of today.

My question is this, is it that hard to find out somebody’s name or anybody’s email address? Im not too sure if this ‘New Law’ is going to work to the effect MySpace owners are hoping for, as i said its great their trying, but they’re not going far enough.

Just this week MySpace was hit with a 30 million dollar lawsuit after a 14 year old girl was assaulted by a 19 year old male. The two first met on MySpace and a few weeks later met in person. To top of the argument the girl involved was believed to have lied about her age, so the fact that anybody can lie about their ages is one of the major issues that MySpace owners need to attend to. It is agreed that MySpace security measures fall way short of the line.

View the whole story at CBS News and please leave your comments here.


6 Responses

  1. An issue similar to this occured two years ago in regards to a sixth grader. She created her own page on some site (could have been my space) and lied about her age. How was anyone going to know??? She named other girls at her school and basically bashed them verbally on her site. She had pictures and names.
    Someone reported this to the principal and the page was removed and her parents were contacted. Still, the damage was done and well let’s just say the security measures fall shorter than short.

  2. That’s a really good article. I had no idea about new Myspace laws being introduced. Are these ‘laws’ of myspace or actual government laws?

    If these laws are governmental laws, which countries have put these laws in place?

  3. You see, I hear all the time of parents trying to restrict their children’s access and what not to certain things over the Internet. The problem is, the kids are a heck of a lot more smarter about how to bypass filters and other restrictions then their parents. Not even a lot of parents would know the first step to setting up some form of security on their computer either.

    Hmmm, is it fair to say that MySpace, the platform for communication, is to blame? I think not. I could bring up the example in numerous cases – Example, someone decides to email me because they like one of my post’s on here, who tells me she is 18. I meet up with her for coffee, then the next thing I know I’m on some sexual harrasment charge.

    MySpace isn’t to blame. There’s literally hundred of blogging places and numerous free web pages you can design for free out there.

  4. Kids are kids. The only way they learn to be responsible adults is to be taught. So, my question is who is accountable when they get into trouble?? Parents? MySpace? Teachers? At least MySpace is trying to set some boundries which is more than I can say for a lot of parents nowadays!

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