FreeStyle Order

Funny Clip, car full of people are at a local McDonald’s Drivethru. They choose to take a different approach on the style that they ordering in



Storing 256GB on an A4 sheet

Its amazing to think this is even possible, but an Idian Engineering Student has made it possible using new ‘Rainbow Technology’.



A DVD disk can hold upto 4.7GB of Data An A4 sheet can hold upto 256GB of Data



An A4 Sheet can hold upto 256GB of Data with the new ‘Rainbow Technology’

Data can be encoded into coloured geometric shapes and stored in dense patterns on paper.Files such as text, images, sounds and video clips are encoded in “rainbow format” as coloured circles, triangles, squares and so on, and printed as dense graphics on paper at a density of 2.7GB per square inch. The paper can then be read through a specially developed scanner and the contents decoded into their original digital format and viewed or played. The encoding and decoding processes have not been revealed’

Check out the link to the article

Moving To Darwin

So in 2 weeks time ill be moving to Darwin, from South Australia to the North of Australia.

Im pretty excited, only because a have a job and a house already organised for when i go up there which makes things so much easier. I was intersted if anyone out there as been to the Northen Territory? and if so it would be great if you could leave you opinion and what you thought of the place.


The main thing that stands out for me the extremly hot and humid weather . . . lol but i dont mind the sun and the heat so hopefully it doesnt take me long to settle in. There are a few more downsides to the move.

They dont have channel 10. Well to my knowledge and thats really bad if thats the case because thats my favorite channel. The O.C is on the channel!!. They also dont have Famers Union milk with is another downer . . lol. O well ill get over it.

Anywho i thought i would just keep you people updated. So far i am really enjoying wordpress and having my own blog, whenever i am bored all i have to do is switch my PC on and go to my blog and away goes my bordness. Recently i have been taking an interest in the ‘blogroll’ feature to start really getting my blog out there, so fell free to add me you your blogrolls LOL.


 The site where i got this from allows you to make your picture, well the writing anyway. Filled in some time while i was waiting for a file to download.

If you have any tips on how i can improve my blog please leave your comment.

Ciao !!

PS3: Sony playstation 3 production woes

060509_ps3_04.jpgIndependent reports have been coming in saying that Sony missed it’s revised goal of 400,000 units at launch by more than 50%. Indications are that the system can not being made any faster and Sony will struggle to get 400,000 by the end of the year. At that rate, even if every system is sold, they will never catch up with Nintendo or Microsoft.

Here’s a quick snippet of the article: “If production doesn’t ramp up quickly, Sony will be left in the dust” – Video Game VS

“Sony made a fatal error in putting TWO untested technologies in their latest system. It raises the price, complexity, and output of manufacturing dramatically. Current reports are showing that:

– Approximately 10% of Cell Processors that come off the assembly line are usable (compared to 70%-90% for most other processors)

– All the Blu-ray diodes (laser that reads the disk) have all been diverted to the PS3 because of their inability to manufacture them fast enough.

– Less than half the stores asked by Bloomberg Online said they had enough PS3’s to fill their just their preorders.”

Be sure to check out the full article here. It’s almost as if Sony are running in a lost race already. It will be hard for them to catch up now.

248 Ways To Annoy People

I was randomly searching the internet and came across an arcitle ‘248 Ways To Annoy Somebody’. i found it quite funny. Some of the things on the list are pretty annoying, i suppose that’s why its on there. Ah well, hope this list comes in some use to you someday. Some examples are:
152. E-mail Microsoft to tell them about bugs in Windows XP that aren’t actually there.

198. Call 911 and breathe heavily.

203. Go to McDonalds and ask for a BK Whopper.

68. Write the surprise ending to a novel on its first page.


And have you ever thought you ‘have a bad job?’ well let me tell you there are far worse out there lol. Check some of these job, perhaps you’ll think twice before making the comment again.


Enjoy the read, happy annoying

Pathetic Images From Space

What is going to be next? A Britney Spears Sex Tape? lol


So KFC is the first brand to be visible from Outer-space.

Good on them, what a waste of money.

Google has got video footage of the logo being created, it took more than 3000 hours to create and used 65,000 one foot by one foot tile pieces.

The only reason i posted this was to show everyone what the world is wasting there money on, where there are plenty more  important projects that need it.

Deal Or No Deal?

After finding a very addictive flash game Stickman Maddness, i went on the hunt to find more interesting flash games. I know with technology these days Flash games have gone out of fasion but still, i love em.


This time i found the popular TV show Deal Or No Deal, a game show that airs in the evening and is very similar to every other game show with the common prize being . . . thats right you guessed it . . . money!

Check out the game Deal Or No Deal here. its neatly designed but i must say the sound effects are pretty poor. But you cant expect too much i suppose.