Amazing Images From NASA

I agree, Image of the day

Some of these Images are just mind blowing. I was looking where in Australia you could find diamonds and found this image, its amazing. Argyle Diamond Mine, Australia is the worlds largest single producer of diamonds. Located in the Kimberly region in the far northeast of Western Australia with temperatures over 104*F during the wet season from October to March.

Since the discovery in 1979 Argyle has produced over 600 million carats in diamonds, and in 2002 produced 33,5 million carats in diamonds.

This was just one image that caught my eye, there are so many more brilliant images that are available to view. Check out the NASA web site and follow the links to view them.

If only i lived in the Kimberly region, lol


2 Responses

  1. Diamonds are a girls best friend.

  2. LOL, Even a better reason to live in the Kimberly Region.

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