Where’s the love?

So, a debate upon the divorce rate of today’s society shall we?

In western society, it is approximately 60% and rising. Compared to say, 50 years ago, this has risen dramatically. However, several factors influence these statistics which I shall elaborate on.

If we ask our parents, or even our parents’ parents, it was not uncommon to get married at a young age and have children. People gossiped, and people spoke about each other – usually more than eager to hear all the negative details. A single mother was frowned upon, while divorce was extremely untraditional. Besides, males were prodominately the income providers, and woman had well, not a rare opportunity to finding work, but in many ways, they were considered “2nd citizens” compared to males, and thus, rarely earned more income than a male. The tides are changing however, as more and more human rights tries to bridge the differences aside and live as equals, males and females.

My inquiry then, if today’s society was exactly the same as 50 to 100 years ago, would the divorce rate be so high? Single mothers and divorce seems a common practice nowadays. If I went to 10 weddings this year, I could say, by statistics, that 6 of them would fail. So, what exactly is it, that is causing such contention within relationships?

My theory, is that people seem to be a little more foolish. Let us take the analogy of sex. It’s almost unheard of for a relationship NOT to be sexually active before they’re married. In many cases, sexual intercourse is used as the “ice breaker” within a relationship, allowing both parties to determine if they want to progress in a relationship. Let me explain why this is an absoluetely deplorable method of choosing a partner. If sex is initiated extemely early within the relationship, then you are truly only exploring the physical aspect of the relationship – the pure relief that seemingly a lot of people “need” in today’s age. Clearly, in such a short time where two individuals are already exploring the physical aspect, it is not enough to explore the person on an emotional, or even spiritual level. A lot of people will argue, that the chemical balances within our bodies is what attracts us to other humans. While this is true, who said you cannot get to KNOW the person first? People seem to crave it, want it so bad that they perceive they need it, similar or exactly to an addiction. If this is the case, that one must relieve him or herself at regular intervals, then simply, they are no more then mere animals, albiet they might know their a b c’s.

Now, the divorce rate query.  It seems either people are rushing into these things too early when they hardly even know the other person, or perhaps, they simply do not want to try and mend the relationship when the going gets tough. Here is my reasoning for the latter; We live in a microwave, tv, fast food age of if it’s not ready within minutes, we don’t want it. We seem to want everything in the now, and getting up to get the tv remote or change the channel on the tv is an absoluete chore, not even worth getting up that we’d rather watch whatever is on our one way love conversation destroyer. I can remember on several instances being in a KFC line, and the checkout operator saying there will be a 3 minute wait on the chicken. I couldn’t believe how mad the man in front of me got, complaining about the state of the company, and how they don’t live up to their customer’s needs and various other childish arguments.

It seems if it doesn’t work in today’s age, we can simply get a new one. Hmmm, fridge broken? Meh, I’m not even going to BOTHER open it up and spend hours upon to try and fix it. Let’s just get a new one. Hmmm, my tv is only 80cm, I really need a 112 plamsa screen. Hmmm, my car only goes to 100k/h in 7 seconds, I definetly need a faster one.

We’ve all become such slaves to our materialistic objects and belief that money can make us happy.  People seem to worship money as a God, where all I hear in my workplace is various careers on how to make more money, or people doing university degrees not for the knowledge, but for the career with the big bucks. In several cases, I know some people completely disliking their university degrees, but in the end, they’ll be filthy rich and who cares right? Ah, well I’m one who believes all the actions in this life are going to affect one’s afterlife. It’ll all come crashing down when people’s materialistic objects and money mean nothing at all.

Hence, the high divorce rate, if it’s broken, throw it out, as there’s “plenty more fish in the sea.” I constantly see people saying they’re “in love.” While it’s more common within the younger generation, I do see a substantial amount of older people being fooled with the emotion they feel is love, when it is purely nothing more than lust – eye candy of the physical aspect. The foolishness is rampant, with the majority of western society shackled to their evil greed and cold shoulders.


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