The F.B.I’s ‘Truth About Club Drugs’


Have you ever watched a crime show that shows the Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals and gone to yourself ‘i know that guy’ LOL. Its funny. I was on the FBI web site and some of the rewards are amazing. United States $25 Million is offered to anyone who can lead to the capture of Usama Bin Laden, geez that would be great. Anyway i was looking at the Top 10 Most Wanted Criminal by the F.B.I and some of these cases are over 80 years old, as if we are going to find them now . . .


I also came across ‘The Truth About Club Drugs’ and found it quite interesting. Only about 3 weeks ago now my drink was spiked with a drug called GHB or Fantasy and O Boy was i in trouble lol, it hit me for like 3 days . . . couldn’t see a thing.

Anyway back to the first topic. Good luck to the F.B.I lol


6 Responses

  1. This is very interesting. I have never heard of GHB or Fantasy. I have two teenage boys and I feel I need to stay on top of what drugs are out there. Even though they are not going to clubs obviously there are dangers in school. Thanks for the info.

  2. Anytime mystarbucks. Yeah i found it quite interesting too. Well i hope that site made you more aware of the drugs that are out there.

  3. Its posts like these that will keep your blog traffic increasing. Well written and good use of graphics and hyperlinks.

  4. Thanks Justin, yeah i am starting to get a heaps better understanding on ‘how to write the perfect post’ lol far from it but its a start

  5. Excellent blog there Adam, i was only reading the other day that the FBI will be opening up an international branch in Sydney

  6. ghb is also found in kfc chicken! Unfortunately the staff at the one I went to must of dumped too much on the chicken, I was sick for the next two weeks.

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