Moving To Darwin

So in 2 weeks time ill be moving to Darwin, from South Australia to the North of Australia.

Im pretty excited, only because a have a job and a house already organised for when i go up there which makes things so much easier. I was intersted if anyone out there as been to the Northen Territory? and if so it would be great if you could leave you opinion and what you thought of the place.


The main thing that stands out for me the extremly hot and humid weather . . . lol but i dont mind the sun and the heat so hopefully it doesnt take me long to settle in. There are a few more downsides to the move.

They dont have channel 10. Well to my knowledge and thats really bad if thats the case because thats my favorite channel. The O.C is on the channel!!. They also dont have Famers Union milk with is another downer . . lol. O well ill get over it.

Anywho i thought i would just keep you people updated. So far i am really enjoying wordpress and having my own blog, whenever i am bored all i have to do is switch my PC on and go to my blog and away goes my bordness. Recently i have been taking an interest in the ‘blogroll’ feature to start really getting my blog out there, so fell free to add me you your blogrolls LOL.


 The site where i got this from allows you to make your picture, well the writing anyway. Filled in some time while i was waiting for a file to download.

If you have any tips on how i can improve my blog please leave your comment.

Ciao !!


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