Grand Theft Auto(GTA)

Almost every avid gamer in this world has played this game.I’m pretty much sure every kid knows about it.It’s so popular because there’s so much you can do! You can steal cars,do missions,rob houses,beat the crap out of people,get your ass kicked by the police,drive a taxi,fly an airplane and so much more! This game basically has three series which would work on your PC depending upon the configuration.These were started as Playstation Games but PC versions were introduced soon.I personally wasn’t a big fan of this game till I started playing it myself.The first version was called Grand Theft Auto(GTA),second one called Grand Theft Auto-Vice City and the third and the latest one is called Grand Theft Auto-San Andreas and requires a P4,256 MB RAM and 128 MB hardware acceleration to work.If you haven’t played it,you’re missing something!

Now,to help you newbies or players stuck at a particular level,I’m gonna link you to a website that offers some working cheat codes and also a full Cheatbook which has the tricks/cheats to all the latest games.I’m sure this will also earn us some hits 😛

Cheatbook Database 2006

Grand Theft Auto Cheats


8 Responses

  1. Ah good old GTA. I use to love that game, i also use to use Cheat Book it is pretty good. Heaps of cheats are in there.

  2. Adam,what’s wrong with our header?

    P.S.-I’m working on a new one.Please tell me the exact dimensions of the image we require

  3. I love GTA, but I never used cheats. 😛

    I’ve only played it on my Xbox though. GTA3, Vice City and San Andreas with Vice City being my favourite one.

    Can’t wait for the next GTA to come out next year. 😀

  4. I wouldn’t have been able to pass 1 mission without the cheats 😀

    Thanks for looking by,Cat

  5. wicked blog!!

  6. great blog I’ll spread the word 🙂

  7. I can see a lot of effort gets put into this blog, its really interesting! xx

  8. This blog is friggin awsome!!!

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