Download YouTube Video’s

Well this is the best feature i have found on the internet in sometime. Currently i am on a dail up connection and that last thing i want while watching a video on YouTube is it Stopping every 2 seconds to load.


This web site i found called KeepVid allows you to add a link to the text box and it provides a download link, so instead of sitting there waiting for it to download and only getting to watch 2 seconds before it loads again now i can wait for the download and watch the whole thing with no interuptions. Not only does it allow you to download YouTube files but also many other videos, as long as you can provide the original link to the video then it will provide the download link

Funny enough when i found this site i was reading a comment on a fellow blogger site several days later about the same website.

O and i do not encourage anybody to download videos and spread them around using this website, i only use this site for my own personal use to make video watching more enjoyable. Yay for me !!

Happy downloading


3 Responses

  1. Ahah another way to watch and download Youtube’s videos.I’ll try it soon.

    Meanwhile,what I use is called Video Ook?Ook?.Don’t go by the dumb name.It’s pretty decent and it’s the best extension you can find for your Firefox.You can find it on

  2. STOP downloading YouTube Videos

    until u read this

    Feature Compare TOP 10 Downloaders


    * Orbit
    * Xilisoft
    * VDownloader
    * TubeSucker
    * VideoGet
    * 1-Click Batch Downloader
    * My Video Downloader
    * YouTubeDownloader

  3. Hi,

    you could download youtube videos to your pc, mobile, ipod, psp and mp3 player using this cool video download pro.

    check out the free guide:

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