Wii Breakages

The Nintendo Wii’s strap is connected to a motion sensitive remote which is used to control the on-screen action. Reports show that the wrist straps have been breaking during use, leading to the controller slipping out of hands, smashing TVs and windows.


Nintendo say that if use correctly there straps wont break but have also offered that they will replace all users straps for free if they are to break. To prevent this problem happening again Nintendo are releasing all new Wii’s with an “enhanced” strap that is less likely to break during use.

The console has been a massive hit for the company with more than 325,000 consoles sold in Europe in just two days, more than 600,000 sold in the US and more than 400,000 on launch day in Japan.

Nintendo have even left a list of the way to handle your Wii and how to wear the strap

  • Always wear the wrist strap while playing.
  • Keep a firm grip on the Wii Remote at all times.
  • Make sure people and objects are out of the range of movement before play begins.
  • Players should keep at least 1m (3 feet) from their televisions.
  • Players should dry their hands if they become sweaty or wet for any reason.
  • Do not use excessively rapid, violent or wide swinging motions during game play.

To view the full article visit here and also at the bottom of this page you can leave your comments on your experiences with the Wii’s Strap.


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