MacOSX Leopard – All new features

Apple’s newest build of MacOSX Leopard shows off a slew of new features improving on what’s already great and adding a heap of new functionality. There’s a post on macrumors “all the new features” that goes over the new features but here they are anyway:

Resolution Independence:

As its name suggest, the Resolution independence feature makes the the size of the user interface’s widgets independent to the screen resolution the user has chosen. It’s very useful when you have a high definition display on a laptop. Apple has recently filed a patent so as to protect the way Mac OS X deals with this feature.

ZFS support:

ZFS (Zetabyte File System) is a 128-bit file system by Sun Microsystems which is known to be very reliable and intended to the storage servers market. For the moment, support of ZFS on Mac OS X is limited as it is not possible to use it for the boot partition.

File Recovery:

The file recovery feature is available through the Disk Utility allows you to search your lost files by type. You can chose to look for music, videos, pictures or create a custom type. Apple might also let developers create these custom types for you.


The new installer mainly brings further configuration for the Time Machine feature. It’s also sees some changes in its appearance.

Parental Controls:

The Parental Controls feature which allows users to restrict the use of some applications for their kids is also a bit improved, it can now write logs and provide reports on everything that was done during the restricted session.


The new version of QuickTime present in the latest build of Leopard gets improved A/V controls by extensively using the CoreVideo API.


TimeMachine is also more polished in this latest build, it now detects any “all new” hard drive connected to it and asks you if you want to use it for backup. It’s also apparently the subject of many bug fixes in this build.

iChat’s answer-machine:

iChat brings a video answer-machine, allowing you to record a short video that will be streamed when you can’t answer to your friends ringing you on iChat.

Your friend can also record a video message for you. Instead of recording, you may also drop a movie from the Finder. That’s way cooler than Skype!

CoreAnimation Example:

For developers, Apple now provides a great example for the CoreAnimation API, it’s actually the iPod nano ad made with iTunes covers.

Who knows if Apple will be including anything new in the final build of Leopard but what’s currently been written looks very promising and a must-grab for all mac users when Leopard ships early 2007.


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