Santa V’s Physics

I was reading on a wordpress blog, engtech about an article on Santa. I found it quite funny, using Physics to figure out if being Santa is even possible. Check it out


3 Responses

  1. Yeah,I’ve already read this.It’s cool but still,I’d believe Santa exists and he’s on his way with my Christmas present 😛

  2. what are u talking about! i’m 11 yrs. and I saw saint nicholas in person at my house and he looked nothing like anyone in my family or friends parents so your wrong santa is real ! And santa claus is probably Jesus’s friend dummy so some of u are wrong! LOL!!!

  3. you have to remember that time slows down the faster you go. he did not take that into account. if santa is really going that fast to time will slow for him. but it will take an alot of energy to get him (E=MC2). I have not calculated how fast he is going compared to the speed of light.

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