Aussies Win !

Well what can i say ish and sha . . . . apart from Common Aussies !!!


The first-round match between South Africa and Australia look to be a one sided match when Australia scored 377 in the first 50 overs with Mathew Hayden scoring the fastest World Cup hundred in only 68 balls, also Michael Clarke with 92 and Ricky Ponting scoring 91.

South Africa started well lead by Graeme Smith 74 and AB de Villiers 92 with Jacques Kallis scoring 48 to put South Africa in a very good position going into the last 20 odd overs.

But the Australian bowling attack of old was back cleaning up the tail end for only 23 runs. With Andrew Symonds back in the team the Australians are looking even better.

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So bring on Sri Lanka and India hahah.


20 Responses

  1. Saw that match last night. Thought it was pretty damn good. Much more ineresting than the England V. Kenya.

    Btw. Sri Lanka beat India. Go SL! 😛

  2. LOL yeah i noticed that on Ish’s blog that Sri Lanka beat India and in that case bring on Sri Lanka. Common Aussies !!!

  3. Bring on India,I wish 😐

  4. Aww Ish. Look on the bright side, you can now support SL.

  5. LOL true.

    But my gut feel says Australia are gonna become champions again.However I’m not supporting Australia because that country has 2 people I hate the most.It’s not you Adam,but 2 other people from old times.

  6. You never know 😛

    SL did beat Australia to win the world cup finals in 1996, but that was because India was disqualified due to fans being to rowdy.

  7. LOL India disqualified . . . Sorry Sha but Australia are going to beat Sri Lanka very easily. haha. I suppose time will tell.

  8. I know it’s wishful thinking that SL will beat Aussie, but hey we beat India 😛

  9. Yeah true. Poor Ish, India losing like that. You hear that Bob Woolmer was murder. Thats some big news in the cricket world. Do any of you guys think it was one of the players?

  10. Sha i wanted to ask you something too. Are you interested in joining my blog? becoming a writer on here. You would be welcomed with open arms? Let me know what you think.

  11. Okay. Finally bothered to log in. Yep definately interested 😀

  12. Hey Adam, would you like to bet with me? Ireland beat Australia in the Second semi-final… how about that? 😀

    Thats some big news in the cricket world.
    The news says an Indian bookie may be involved too, don’t know what more will unearth. Speculations are rife that Ireland vs Pak match was fixed…. What happened to good ol’ cricket. 😦

    For the last time, I support every other team except Australia… darn even the championship’s tired of staying there! LOL.

  13. Yeah i know, i wonder how many matches are actually fixed. It would be an interesting statistic.
    O and by the way . . . Go The Aussies !!

  14. That would be interesting.Apparently people are going around saying the match between SL and India was fixed. If it was fixed, wouldn’t SL’s aim then would be to lose?

    Btw: Go SL!

  15. Im sorry to mention this Sha but Sri Lanka just couldnt get there in the end. But what a mighty effort it was by both South Africa and Sri Lanka.
    O and one more thing . . . GO Aussies . . . they killed the West Indies and Australia dont even look like losing, even with Michael Hussey not in this best form. There just going to keep getting better.

    Australia = World Cup 2007 Champions 🙂

  16. Australia = World Cup 2007 Champions

    And I keep telling you Ireland = World Cup 2007 Champs! 😛 Seriously though if there’s any team thats got the ability to wrest this cup away from Aussies is New Zealand. Looks like its Down Under still! 😀

  17. Me thinks it’s going to be Australia too.

  18. It is going to be Australia again. lol. Pfft New Zealand. Hahaha

  19. I’m expecting Australia again. I’ll be surprised if it is anyone else

  20. yeah Australia all the way 🙂

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