What to do?

Now that Adam is back,I think Thoughts & Opinions will be back in action soon.Here’s my first return post in here.Actually I wanted to put it up on my own blog but sadly it’s become way too public for this post.There are certain friends who happen to know the URL and I don’t really want them to read this.Actually thinking,there isn’t any thought or opinion in this post but it’s the best I can come up with right now.

It’s been a week since school started and it’s my last year in school because by next year,I would be in college.It’s also the most critical year as people say because I have to give a number of entrance exams for entering into the elite institutes.I’m just building the platform for the story here so don’t run away thinking it’s about studies and school.So since I have to give these entrance exams,I was made to join a coaching centre which specializes in these in addition to school.I studied there last year as well.Now comes the real deal..

Last year,I used to really like one girl who also used to study here.You know how we guys are so I guess you’ll understand that we like a new girl almost every month.Anyway this girl,she was really pretty and stuff and I thought she seemed cool even though I never talked to her.There was also my best friend who’s this cool dude and all.It’s funny but we always like the same women and he being cool gets away with them all while I sit back and sulk.It’s happened atleast twice now and I feel like killing him sometimes.Anyhow I’d never do that because we’ve had good times together.So yeah,this girl was really popular and had atleast 6 guys behind her.She did chat a lot with one of them and the particular guy thought he was real lucky.However one fine day,she stopped talking to him altogether perhaps because something happened.I never really asked anyone because I didn’t want to be nosy in case she’d get to know.So now that she was “single” again,my friend started making his moves and by the end of the year,she was almost totally into him trying to strike conversations with him and he’d almost ignore her at times.I know he knew I was jealous and he’d always give me detailed descriptions of the conversations they had and I hated him for that.The guy always gets the best girls and then leaves them alone after sometime and they still like him madly.I don’t understand the logic or how he does it.I guess the capability to be able to flirt comes naturally and God totally forgot that part when he was making me.

Anyway,I put that year behind and went back to the classes.My best friend wasn’t there with me this time because he’s going to another city apparently because he doesn’t want to be under his parent’s supervision.I feel scared to think what all he’ll do to the girls in the new city lol.So I went back and on the first day scanned the crowd around me for potential friends and hot girls.Every guy is the same so don’t you dare judge me.There was one girl who looked nice.But she came in with a guy.They come together each morning,go back together too.Either he’s her brother or he’s the boyfriend because he keeps sticking to her all the time.He always sits on the bench exactly ahead of her and they keep passing each other smiles and I as usual,keep sulking.I don’t know what I should do now.I don’t want to use a cheesy pick up line because a) it’s been only three days since I first saw her. b) there’s already that guy and there’s chance that he’d smack me right in the face and it won’t matter if he’s the brother or the boyfriend,I’d get kicked anyway and c) because she seems the kind that’d give me a brutal and witty reply much like the one’s Sha has listed here.I don’t know what to do and even if you suggest anything,I’d probably not do it because I’m way too paranoid and shy.Not everyone gets to be a flirt after all.This world would be incomplete without losers like me!

I guess all that was pretty lame but well,atleast it’s something! It’s time for you guys to make your comeback posts now and I hope you’ll do better than me πŸ˜‰


20 Responses

  1. Okay too lazy to log in.

    Aww Ish. I’m sure you’ll get her.

  2. Ahaha I’m sure I won’t πŸ˜›

  3. Don’t worry Ish, just keep trying you’ll get her. It will be the great love story πŸ™‚

  4. Haha,I don’t even think I’m gonna try.I’m her boyfriend/brother’s friend now atleast πŸ˜€

  5. LOL well that is a start isn’t it. Hey you got to encourage Sha into joining our blog too ok, so we can blog about all different types of topics

  6. That was a hint too Sha πŸ™‚

  7. I need to learn to bother to log in, but hey, again too lazy to.

    Sure. I’ll join, but for the next couple of months, my posts may be few or far in between.

  8. Thanks Sha, thats ok if you cant post that often for the few months. Ill add you to my blog as a Author tomorrow night ok, got to go to work tonight. Thanks again πŸ™‚

    Welcome Aboard !!

  9. All of this over a girl? [Kinda like Empires were laid to waste because of girls.] And btw, Aamir Khan [referencing Dil Chahata Hai] watch out for that guy.. he might just be her fiance! πŸ˜› You can rule out the possibility of him being her father of course, brothers don’t stick to their sisters… ask me… and Sha’s brother!

    Take your time, time does wonders. πŸ™‚ [Incidentally would you like me to mail this to your parents? πŸ˜€ ]

  10. LOL mail it to his parents. haha.

  11. No thanks,I’ll take your advice Ash.

    Nope,he doesn’t exactly look like he’d be her father..uh well if he is,then I need to see her mother πŸ˜€

  12. Hey Sha, I just made you a Author on my blog. If you can send me the information i need. . . . if you can see the questions on the Abouts page that we have all got, then i can add you to the Abouts page. Thanks again πŸ™‚

  13. I’ll do it when I get home Adam. The current computer I’m on is being silly per usual and shows the blog in such a weird way.

  14. Yeah no problem Sha, there is no rush ok. Iv added you anyway so when ever you feel like posting or anything go for it.

  15. ish: LOL. Better checkout then. πŸ˜›

  16. Alright,bad news then.The guy IS the boyfriend so I’m out of the running.Gah,she wasn’t beautiful anyway (lmao).

    Now I’m single and not even looking because there’s nobody to look at.Perhaps I should bunk the math class today.

  17. Lucky Ish. I wish that was my problem in life. Would make life much more easier. Now to go and bury my head in text books again.

    Thanks Adam πŸ™‚

  18. Well I wasn’t exactly lucky in there was I? I kind of really fancied her.Anyway now I’m trying to forget her so nevermind.

    You’re not the only one with your head buried in the books by the way Sha.That goes for almost 100 students in my school itself.We’re all going crazy preparing for an exam that’d help us earn millions and kill our creativity.

  19. FIVE drama pieces!!! A speech and theory!!!! Please don’t mind the panic attacks coming my way.

  20. Oh it’s all ok Sha,I know it’s all useless.

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