The Update

Thanks Ish for passing on I View, and also for pointing out a few areas that i must improve on. Whilst im on the topic have you got any other ideas on what we can do to make this blog ‘BOOM’ :-). I need something lol.

You ever watch Seinfeld? i was thinking about an episode called ‘The Interview’ and thats how i thought of the Title lol. As you can tell this post is pretty much an update/ideas post so we can discuss any thoughts on the blog.

So Sha and Ish please help me with some new ideas that we can put in place, maybe a blog make over or maybe trying to find a few more Authors for Thoughts & Opinions perhaps. So if you do know anyone who would be interested in joining Thoughts & Opinions let me know ok 🙂

What ever you can come up with dont hesitate and please try them.


14 Responses

  1. Why not do an article on Tornados? I got a hell of a lot of hits for having a post on it.

  2. Really?? well funny enough where i live in Darwin, Australia we have a few tornadoes/cyclones every year.


    Yeah i might do a post on Tornadoes, thanks Sha 🙂

  3. The best way in my opinion to spice up a blog is to move it from wordpress to “wordpress on a domain”. When you have wordpress on a domain you have so much more features because there are thousands of blog plugins as well as thousands of new themes available.

    Even if you do transfer your blog over, you do not lose this blog, they can run side by side, so you can play with the domain version to your hearts content until you get the blog the way you want.

  4. Same here Adam. Rarely have few here, but I’ve been getting about 200 hits a day on my Tornado article. Just maybe a sort of wikepedia entry on them?

  5. If you want. I can type up an entry. 🙂

  6. Would you type up an entry for the blog Sha?
    That would be great, and thanks Becky for the advice. Im not to sure about the whole wordpress on domain so ill have to look more into that.
    Thanks again Becky & Sha

  7. Shifting to a domain,is exciting but very annoying too because if you happen to like things exactly like you want them,you’re stuck.There are a lot of problems when you’re up on a domain and running two blogs simeltaneously is almost impossible.

    As far as your question goes Adam,I don’t really know which blog will end up being my official one because I’m too attached to my original one but at the same time,my parents have agreed to pay the domain costs and I think I want more features too.I just don’t know what to do.

  8. Well if you like the domain site better then move to that one, just make sure you keep in contact with me 🙂

  9. Damn you ish (in a nice way) My parents would say you can pay out of your own pocket. ~Grumbles~

  10. I have to pay out of my own pocket too.I thought they wouldn’t agree to let me pay it myself even because they want me to only study and nothing else.But they were like super generous and said,ok..go on,you can pay from your pocket money and you don’t get any gifts for your birthday 😀

  11. Oh and btw,I have shifted to the domain.

  12. Well thats good ish, now you can have your blog the way you want it. I must admit it does look pretty good. Keep up the Blogging and your blog will be a massive hit in no time.

  13. I need an honest opinion Adam..isn’t it too slow?

  14. It is a little slow, but once its loaded up its pretty good. The only other thing that i noticed was when i was typing a comment i could not really see what i was typing.

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