Something Different

Just a quick post before i go to work, i was looking for a few things on the internet and bumped into this picture.





I had a good laugh to myself, Enjoy 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Ouch!

    I just hope my going to be girlfriend doesn’t read this because I totally don’t fancy anyone changing my icons and giving me suggestions on my e-mails.Pfss and I don’t tell my password to anyone.No!

  2. Yeah i was thinking the same thing about my girlfriend too lol. But like i said i thought it was pretty funny.

  3. I love this ~grins evilly~

  4. LOL, don’t you go getting any ideas Sha. lol

  5. is scared :-s

  6. @adam: Why….it seems the perfect way to annoy a guy? ~Insert the angelic smile here~

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