Jodie Marsh, MTV and Marriage – A wonderful combination

Okay, first off, would like to introduce myself as a new author on  Adam’s site. It’s been months since I’ve agreed to join and still have not yet written an article, so here I am. 

Many of you in the UK will know about Jodie Marsh, after all she’s famous for being a page three girl, running around in skimpy clothing and appearing on celebrity big brother. She’s not that famous outside of the UK but after this latest publicity stunt, she may be known world wide.

Today, well to be truthful, yesterday, I came across the news that Jodie Marsh is looking to become married. Yep. That’s right. Married. She claims she’s fed up with going out with total losers and is now on a hunt for a husband. To add even more publicity to this latest stunt, MTV have decided to cash in on it by turning the hunt into a tv show, so watch out America, she’s coming to a screen near you.

For those of you in the UK interested in marrying Jodie Marsh, the website is here. Dates for auditions are also given on the site as well as below:

  • London: Sunday 20th May: 1pm – 7pm
    The Wardour, Wardour Street, W1 8ZH
  • Edinburgh: Wednesday 23rd May:
    5.30pm – 11pm
    Faith, 207 Cowgate, EH1 1JQ
  • Sheffield: Saturday 26th May:
    12 noon – 7pm
    Gate Crasher One, 112 Arundel Street, Sheffield, S1 1DJ
  • Birmingham: Sunday 27th May:
    12 noon – 7pm
    Bar Risa, Quay Side Tower, 259 -263 Broad Street, Birmingham, B1 2HF
  • Cardiff: Wednesday 30th May:
    5.30pm – 11pm
    Demure’s @ No. 10 Champagne Bar and Night Club, 10 Mill Lane, Cardiff, CF 10 1FL
  • Bournesmouth: Sunday 3rd June:
    12 noon – 7pm
    Hush2020, 4 Terrace Road, Bournesmouth, BH2 5NN.

 Before you can attend these auditions though, you need to bring a completed application form with you which are available on the website above. For those of you who cannot make the auditions, you can complete an online application form. For all those of you applying. Good luck!