Its time for a fresh change, i have been using my old template for so long and it just looked so boring. So if anybody has any ideas for any changes i can make on my blog my eyes are open. I do hope i can get my old friends back blogging with me, and if anyone else is interested in joining me in the blogging world i do encourage you leave me a comment and tell me what you think.


11 Responses

  1. Oh, I’ve so missed you and our coffee banter. Very glad you stopped by.

  2. This new theme looks very good. Everything fits in so perfectly. And let’s get back to writing again. Did you leave Shani a comment?

  3. Yo! Good to see you back. Happy that somebody else [apart from ish and Sha] talks cricket! 😆

  4. Ish,
    I did leave Sha a comment and whilst i was doing that i realised that WE HAVE THE SAME THEME !!!!
    So ill have to chat to her about that when she blogs next.

  5. GO CRICKET . . . . GO AUSTRALIA . . .

  6. Haha Adam. I know we have the same theme. First thing I realised when I checked out your site after having a good/bad day. And GO SRI LANKA just to retaliate 😛

  7. Where;s Justin? Has he stopped blogging?

  8. Ruhi,
    Justin is in his second last year of uni and also working full time. So he doesnt have much time to blog these days, but ill see if he can come on my blog as a guest for you ok lol :-).

  9. Go India! I just had to say that, didn’t I?

    Ruhi, what are you gonna say? Go India or Go USA? 😛

  10. @Adam, Ahh.. I see 🙂 Well tell him that I miss him here at WP.

    @Ish, Go India obviously (besides nobody in the US knows anything about cricket…stupid people. :))

  11. LOL go USA, hahaha

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