Thought’s And Opinion’s

Here you can get a better understanding about the writers behind the blog, what they’re hobbies and interests are and their role at Thought’s And Opinion’s


Name: Adam
Role: Owner/Editor
Website/Blog: https://millsy.wordpress.com

About: The Administator behind Thought’s And Opinion’s. My goal is to express our opinions to all people around the world, no matter how wierd or outragious they may seem.

Name: Matt
So, my name is Matt and I’m of 20 winters old. I’m an eccentric character with anarchist ideals with a pure hatred for the plastic or coin bringing chaos and corruption. Also commonly known as ‘money.’

Name: Justin
Role: Editor
Website/Blog: http://justinb.wordpress.com
The administrator, editor, author and contributor to The Whole Story, Now a leading writer and editor of Thought’s & Opinions. You can catch my articles here throughout the week on various topics and who knows, maybe even slip you guys an inside look at an upcoming post on my own blog, The Whole Story.

Name: Ish

Role: Author

Website/Blog: http://ishmeet.wordpress.com

About: I’m just another 17 year old kid who can’t stop expressing his mind and thankfully is allowed to do so otherwise he’d die of solitude.Yeah,you got that correct.I don’t mix up with people easily in real life but it’s altogether different in this computer world.I’d rather be your perfect comedy character in a video game but I’m also human.I like writing about anything.Some of the common things would be Music,Technology and Social Issues.Since I’m an Indian by birth,so there’s always that touch of the tri-colour somewhere within my posts.Hope you have a nice time reading my “Thoughts and Opinions”.

Name: Cotton
Role: Author
Website/Blog: http://havetoremember.wordpress.com
About: I’m a 23 year old, primarily interested in literature and the business world. I also enjoy reading comic strips. By the way, my randomness will be very evident by the variety in the subject matter of my posts. One day i may write about Microsoft and the next day i may blabber about ways you can break up with your significant other.


17 Responses

  1. Matt’s profile will be updated in the next few coming days. Welcome aboard Matt

  2. And here we have a new editor. Welcome aboard Justin, hope both our blogs are successful and we can take over the world hahhahha. joke.

  3. Why thank ye , thank ye for the warm welcome. *Catches the roses as they fly from the great cheering crowds*

    Hope to create some good, interesting blogs around here.

  4. Welcome aboard Cotton, Hope we can all create some interesting and exciting posts. Look forward to your input.

  5. Hey Adam, I’m now apart of your blog which is cool. I’ll email you my About details with my avatar image for you.

  6. Actually, second thought…Since I’m an editor on your blog, I’ll just do it myself hehe.

  7. Thanks Adam! I have you my “about” section… I keep changing my avatar all the time..Anyway, I’ll send you the current one.

  8. umm just thinking..what does it take to join?

  9. ish, your more than welcome to join in on my blog. All you have to do it really just post once or twice a week on any topic you wish.
    It would be great if you were to join, let me know and if so i can add you profile to my abouts page 🙂

  10. I’d love to join!

  11. Well in that case welcome aboard. Ill need to add you to my abouts page, you’ll need to fill out a few questions

    Role: Author

    Email this too me and we will continue from there.

  12. O and you’ll need to send me your avatar so i can put that up too 🙂
    Looking forward to writing with you

  13. Ok I emailed you but forgot to send the avatar.I’ll do that later.

  14. For Ish:
    Adam has not been online just over a week, but will be on in the next few days.

  15. Thanks for the info,Justin.

  16. Hey Sha, Can you please send me the info i need so i can add you to my abouts section??

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