The Simpsons Vs Family Guy

I was looking through the Recent Posts in WordPress and came across i very funny article. The Author has put quite a lot of effort into this so i thought i would help advertise it lol.

The match ups are between The Simpsons  and Family Guy. Im a massive Simpsons fan so i did find it quite funny

To view the ‘Celebrity Death Match Style’ match ups click here


The Update

Thanks Ish for passing on I View, and also for pointing out a few areas that i must improve on. Whilst im on the topic have you got any other ideas on what we can do to make this blog ‘BOOM’ :-). I need something lol.

You ever watch Seinfeld? i was thinking about an episode called ‘The Interview’ and thats how i thought of the Title lol. As you can tell this post is pretty much an update/ideas post so we can discuss any thoughts on the blog.

So Sha and Ish please help me with some new ideas that we can put in place, maybe a blog make over or maybe trying to find a few more Authors for Thoughts & Opinions perhaps. So if you do know anyone who would be interested in joining Thoughts & Opinions let me know ok 🙂

What ever you can come up with dont hesitate and please try them.

Awesome Flash Games Online

Checkout this Blog site at Digital World, it has many really cool Flash games available. I was hooked for a few nights. Expecially This One. Its really awesome 🙂

Newest Member To Thoughts & Opinions

Ah so we have a new member to welcome aboard to Thoughts  & Opinions

Ish has his own wordpress blog Dead End which i find very interesting which i always make sure i visit when i am playing around with my blog. I look forward to writing with you ish and am very keen to read you first post on Thoughts & Opinions. If you have any ideas on how we can improve the blog please let me know and ill see what we can do.

Once again Welcome aboard and good luck. 🙂

Moving To Darwin

So in 2 weeks time ill be moving to Darwin, from South Australia to the North of Australia.

Im pretty excited, only because a have a job and a house already organised for when i go up there which makes things so much easier. I was intersted if anyone out there as been to the Northen Territory? and if so it would be great if you could leave you opinion and what you thought of the place.


The main thing that stands out for me the extremly hot and humid weather . . . lol but i dont mind the sun and the heat so hopefully it doesnt take me long to settle in. There are a few more downsides to the move.

They dont have channel 10. Well to my knowledge and thats really bad if thats the case because thats my favorite channel. The O.C is on the channel!!. They also dont have Famers Union milk with is another downer . . lol. O well ill get over it.

Anywho i thought i would just keep you people updated. So far i am really enjoying wordpress and having my own blog, whenever i am bored all i have to do is switch my PC on and go to my blog and away goes my bordness. Recently i have been taking an interest in the ‘blogroll’ feature to start really getting my blog out there, so fell free to add me you your blogrolls LOL.


 The site where i got this from allows you to make your picture, well the writing anyway. Filled in some time while i was waiting for a file to download.

If you have any tips on how i can improve my blog please leave your comment.

Ciao !!

Justin joins Thoughts & Opinions

Hey guys,

I’m a newie…we’ll the newest editor and writer here on Thoughts & Opinions anyway. I have been writing on my own blog The Whole Story for just under 3 years now, Adam had been an avid follower of my blog over the years always stopping by and decided to ask me if I was interested in contributing to his blog also. I couldn’t pass up the chance to collaborate with somebody else in the blogsphere (even though I do also write for Scribez), but does give me a chance to write about some things that I would otherwise not cover on Scribez or my own blog.

I have a strong writing background as I’ve said, and here on Thoughts & Opinions I’ll be mainly writing opinion pieces on various topics of world & current affairs, science & technology and general news just to name a few.

So stick around and check the place out. There are a total of 4 writers currently contributing to Thoughts & Opinions right now and Adam (owner) is always looking for new writing talent. Who knows, if you stop by often enough and have alot of insightful stuff to say, maybe you too will be invited to join the party.