Star Wars, Microsofts Way !!!



I dont really remember how long ago i stumbled across this. .  . but i did. If you click on your Start Menu and then select Run, Type        telnet -a 23     (or copy and paste it) and a epidode of Star Wars starts to play, i think its episode 4.

Anyway enjoy the DOS like playing version of Star Wars.


Bond Is Back !!

‘The new blond Bond’ – Casino Royale.


Casino Royale is due to hit Britain and North America this Friday. The new James Bond (Daniel Craig aged 38) made his first screen debut as the Secret 007 Agent in front of fans at Leicester Square this Tuesday.

Casino Royale will be one of many few bond films that will not feature the M16 gadget maker Q, or secretary Miss Moneypenny.

When Craig was asked does he prefer is martini shaken or stirred, he replies, ‘Do i look like i give a damn?’ Craig as already signed up for the 22nd bond films which is due for release in November 2008.

To celebrate the occasion IGN movies have decided to put together a weeklong series of features looking into the 007 franchise



The Invisible Car In Die Another Day.

Check out the CNN’s overview of the new film ‘Casino Royale’ here.

Let us know what you think about the upcoming film Casino Royale. Hope you are all looking forward to the new Bond movie as much as i am.