Cyclone Tracy

I only just found out today that Cyclone Tracy hit Darwin City, Australia in December 1974 on Christmas Morning. I have just recently moved to Darwin City and its amazing to think that only 33 years ago that this City was completely destroyed by Cyclone Tracy.

The Eye of the Cyclone passed over Darwin between midnight and 7.00am on Christmas morning torrential rain fell and the winds were officially recorded at 217 kilometres per hour prior to the Bureau of Meteorology anemometer being destroyed.



With the cyclone’s passing 65 people were killed including 16 lost at sea with more injured, 70% of Darwin’s homes were destroyed or suffered severe damage, and all public services – communications, power, water and sewerage – were badly damaged.

Read the article ‘The Killer Cyclone’ that was written a day after the Cyclone hit.

Here area a few more pictures to view from the 1974 Cyclone Tracy that hit Darwin.



Give me a few more days and i will be posting a little more information about Cyclone Tracy and Cyclones/Tornadoes.