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Thanks Ish for passing on I View, and also for pointing out a few areas that i must improve on. Whilst im on the topic have you got any other ideas on what we can do to make this blog ‘BOOM’ :-). I need something lol.

You ever watch Seinfeld? i was thinking about an episode called ‘The Interview’ and thats how i thought of the Title lol. As you can tell this post is pretty much an update/ideas post so we can discuss any thoughts on the blog.

So Sha and Ish please help me with some new ideas that we can put in place, maybe a blog make over or maybe trying to find a few more Authors for Thoughts & Opinions perhaps. So if you do know anyone who would be interested in joining Thoughts & Opinions let me know ok 🙂

What ever you can come up with dont hesitate and please try them.


9/11 Memorial Post

“Today we’ve had a national tragedy. Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country.” –President Bush, September 11, 2001.

“On September 11, 2001, beginning at about 8:45 in the morning, a series of terrorist attacks destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Center and severely damaged the Pentagon. The disaster is so great that in New York we have as yet, two days later, only guesses about how many thousands of people perished when the WTC towers collapsed. Commercial airliners were hijacked and flown directly into the three buildings. The first crashed into the North tower at 8:45, and about 18 minutes later the second airliner hit the South tower. At about 9:40, a third airliner crashed into the Pentagon. At about 9:58, the South tower collapsed, followed by the North tower at 10:28.” — Roger Nelson, Director, GCP


Does everyone remember what they were doing when September 11 happened. The only reason i am writing this post is because i was watching a documentary on the American United Flight 93 that was hi jacked and crashed into an open field in Pennsylvania. The movie was called United 93.

Ever since this on September 11 2001 it has become a very close issue to me and i am always looking to read more into the issue even after 5 and a half years has gone. Here is a permanent online Memorial to all those who lost there lives on that terrible day.

Here is a summery of the Victims involved in the Terrorist Attacks

Fatalities (Not including the 19 hijackers)
New York City World Trade Center 2,602 died and another 24 remain listed as missing[28][23]
American 11 88[29]
United 175 59[30]
Arlington Pentagon 125[31]
American 77 59[32]
Shanksville United 93 40[33]
Total 2,973 died and another 24 remain listed as missing.


A time line from the 11th of September to the 30th of September shows exactly what happened and the lead up to the war in Afghanistan.

When the plane hit the World Trade Center there was a face that was seen from the smoke, take a look and tell me what you think


 And taken from the World Trade Center wreck was a Cross found that was later taken on the 20th of June to the WTC ceremony



And the man that is responsible for all this Osama Bin Laden


Do you think this man is still alive?

Full Transcript from The White House. From President Bush.

Formula 1 2007 Season Has Began

I dont think i have told you this before but i am a massive Formula 1 fan. I only wish i could call this the official Formula 1 blog, maybe i should look into that a bit more lol.

So as you can see by the title the formula 1 season has already started, the Australian Formula 1 was only a week ago today and i was loving every minute of it. Before i go any further i must say that the Best Driver in the F1 world is Fernando Alonso without a doubt winning the Drivers Championship in 2005 and 2006.


And with his latest move to Mclaren the best team in the Formula 1 i am over the moon.


The Melbourne Grand Prix with race day on the 18th of March, Kimi Räikkönen was the pick of the day in this new team Ferrari clocking Pole Position and winning the race 7.2 seconds behind raining World Champion Fernando Alonso’s Mclaren. But the top story from the weekend was the new Lewis Hamilton starting in his first formula 1 season in the Mclaren finishing 3rd.

I know that this was a brief wrap up of the opening race but i had to get the season to a start a i will be sure to write more in detail about all the races to come.

So with the sad news that i can not make this the official Formula 1 blog i will be sure to make it as official as i can, bringing the latest race news and up to date information on coming racing.

For all the people that are not aware of the Formula 1 season i cant stress enough how much you need to get into the sport. Its great. To view the new Rules and Regulations click here.

Visit the Home of Formula 1 and i hope you do enjoy the 2007 season as much as i do.


Aussies Win !

Well what can i say ish and sha . . . . apart from Common Aussies !!!


The first-round match between South Africa and Australia look to be a one sided match when Australia scored 377 in the first 50 overs with Mathew Hayden scoring the fastest World Cup hundred in only 68 balls, also Michael Clarke with 92 and Ricky Ponting scoring 91.

South Africa started well lead by Graeme Smith 74 and AB de Villiers 92 with Jacques Kallis scoring 48 to put South Africa in a very good position going into the last 20 odd overs.

But the Australian bowling attack of old was back cleaning up the tail end for only 23 runs. With Andrew Symonds back in the team the Australians are looking even better.

For the latest breaking news and updates visit the home of world cup cricket here

So bring on Sri Lanka and India hahah.

Santa V’s Physics

I was reading on a wordpress blog, engtech about an article on Santa. I found it quite funny, using Physics to figure out if being Santa is even possible. Check it out

High IQ link to being Vegeterian

Funny enough i was looking on Moby’s web site . . . i dont even like Moby lol, But i did find a rather interesting piece about children that have a high IQ are more likely to become Vegeterians.


A Southampton University found those who were vegetarian by 30 had five IQ points more on average at the age of 10.

Researchers said the findings were partly related to better education and higher occupational social class.

Vegetarians were more likely to be female, to be of higher occupational social class and to have higher academic or vocational qualifications than non-vegetarians.

Some Stats for you,

Men who were vegetarian had an average IQ score of 106, compared with an IQ score of 101 for non-vegetarians. While female vegetarians averaged 104, compared with an IQ score of 99 for non-vegetarians.


To check out the article view this article

I was looking for a picture and found another article about the same topic and funny enough all the words are pretty much the same lol. But thats a totally different topic so yeah.

American Idols William Hung!!

Im laughing already, do you remember the American Idol series where William Hung performed She Bangs? It was a classic, i was downloading a few things on Limewire and actually found that on Video.


I was laughing the whole way through. Please check it out its so funny. If you have not seen the Video then your life is SO uncomplete. On the site there is the Videos tab and on there is hours of laughs, even the She Bangs Video Clip.

If you wish to download the Video yourself, Use Limewire and search for William Hung and She Bangs should some up.

I was also looking on the internet about him and he has his own website, thats even funnier check this out . The funniest thing on there is that they call him William Hung a.k.a Hong Kong Ricky Martin.

And the fun doesnt stop there, he even has his own album lol or Albums should i say.


Here is a brief out line on William Hungs Life

William Hung. A student at UC Berkeley, William studies Civil Engineering, but his dream is to make music his career. William has true talent, and has captured the hearts of Americans across the country who watched him sing and dance his heart out on Tuesday, January 27. Since his TV debut, William has gathered a large fan base. Nobody ceases to be amused by his comical dance moves and earnest rendition of “She Bangs”. Because we respect William’s true talent and comical ability, we have decided to create this fan club dedicated to William himself. Source – The William Hung Web Site

Also on his Web ste is a tab for Fan Mail lol, you got to read some of these.

“Before the third audition for this season’s American Idol was screened in Singapore, sniplets of William Hung’s She Bangs were shown… and let me tell you, my family really rushed home earlier than ever before to catch him move! And it was worth it! He’s truly entertaining and gentlemanly. I hope he’ll make a SPECIAL APPEARANCE at the Finals of the 3rd American Idol…cos he deserves the limelight just once more…” Joy & Sisters, Singapore

“William, you truly embody the spirit of American Idol: someone who dares to dream, someone who dares to try, and someone who is gracious in defeat. You should go on a lecture circuit and let your confidence inspire others. Keep banging ! ! ” Danny, Singapore

“I hadn’t watched American Idol yet, but I did the other night and found myself watcing the next World Idol! I guarantee Hung is more talked about and more loved than kelly was when she auditioned. From down here is Australia…GO HUNG!” Greg Healy

But you have to check out the web site to see the rest of them. There just too funny. The whole William Hung thing is just so funny i cant stop laughing. He is a CLASSIC and i look forward to his next TV appearance.

So there we go, if you want to check out the complete Fan Page follow the links from the home page. Ill never forget the moment William sang on American Idol. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did. 🙂