American Idols William Hung!!

Im laughing already, do you remember the American Idol series where William Hung performed She Bangs? It was a classic, i was downloading a few things on Limewire and actually found that on Video.


I was laughing the whole way through. Please check it out its so funny. If you have not seen the Video then your life is SO uncomplete. On the site there is the Videos tab and on there is hours of laughs, even the She Bangs Video Clip.

If you wish to download the Video yourself, Use Limewire and search for William Hung and She Bangs should some up.

I was also looking on the internet about him and he has his own website, thats even funnier check this out . The funniest thing on there is that they call him William Hung a.k.a Hong Kong Ricky Martin.

And the fun doesnt stop there, he even has his own album lol or Albums should i say.


Here is a brief out line on William Hungs Life

William Hung. A student at UC Berkeley, William studies Civil Engineering, but his dream is to make music his career. William has true talent, and has captured the hearts of Americans across the country who watched him sing and dance his heart out on Tuesday, January 27. Since his TV debut, William has gathered a large fan base. Nobody ceases to be amused by his comical dance moves and earnest rendition of “She Bangs”. Because we respect William’s true talent and comical ability, we have decided to create this fan club dedicated to William himself. Source – The William Hung Web Site

Also on his Web ste is a tab for Fan Mail lol, you got to read some of these.

“Before the third audition for this season’s American Idol was screened in Singapore, sniplets of William Hung’s She Bangs were shown… and let me tell you, my family really rushed home earlier than ever before to catch him move! And it was worth it! He’s truly entertaining and gentlemanly. I hope he’ll make a SPECIAL APPEARANCE at the Finals of the 3rd American Idol…cos he deserves the limelight just once more…” Joy & Sisters, Singapore

“William, you truly embody the spirit of American Idol: someone who dares to dream, someone who dares to try, and someone who is gracious in defeat. You should go on a lecture circuit and let your confidence inspire others. Keep banging ! ! ” Danny, Singapore

“I hadn’t watched American Idol yet, but I did the other night and found myself watcing the next World Idol! I guarantee Hung is more talked about and more loved than kelly was when she auditioned. From down here is Australia…GO HUNG!” Greg Healy

But you have to check out the web site to see the rest of them. There just too funny. The whole William Hung thing is just so funny i cant stop laughing. He is a CLASSIC and i look forward to his next TV appearance.

So there we go, if you want to check out the complete Fan Page follow the links from the home page. Ill never forget the moment William sang on American Idol. I hope you enjoy it as much as i did. 🙂



Download YouTube Video’s

Well this is the best feature i have found on the internet in sometime. Currently i am on a dail up connection and that last thing i want while watching a video on YouTube is it Stopping every 2 seconds to load.


This web site i found called KeepVid allows you to add a link to the text box and it provides a download link, so instead of sitting there waiting for it to download and only getting to watch 2 seconds before it loads again now i can wait for the download and watch the whole thing with no interuptions. Not only does it allow you to download YouTube files but also many other videos, as long as you can provide the original link to the video then it will provide the download link

Funny enough when i found this site i was reading a comment on a fellow blogger site several days later about the same website.

O and i do not encourage anybody to download videos and spread them around using this website, i only use this site for my own personal use to make video watching more enjoyable. Yay for me !!

Happy downloading

FreeStyle Order

Funny Clip, car full of people are at a local McDonald’s Drivethru. They choose to take a different approach on the style that they ordering in


Every Episode Of The Simpsons And Futurama Streaming Free !!

I was looking around on the web for TV Episodes and found this really cool site QuicksilverScreen. The guys over there are streaming Every Episode for FREE !!!, (well linking to a place that holds the ep’s anyway!). Its the only site that I have found that is not closed down and still fully operational.

simpsons.jpgEpisodes on QuicksilverScreen Include:

To View all the available Episodes visit QuicksilverScreen.

Remember EVERY EPISODE STREAMING FREE !! I know there was a site that had a few of these shows avaliable for free viewing a little while back and that site even featured on Digg, but was closed down unfortunately by television networks (mainly FOX I think).

This site is still up and running, be sure to check it out.


Steve Ballmer – Microsoft’s Crazy Half

The rightfully upstanding Bill Gates has always been the steadfast ‘driving force’ behind Microsoft and always delivers very professional keynote speeches, but Microsoft’s other half Steve Ballmer is the total opposite.

While he has contributed A LOT to the company, one starts wondering…“What the hell do they feed Microsoft CEO’s”

Top 10 Scariest Games of All Time!

GTtv have recently put together the Top 10 scariest games of all time. I’m such a huge fan of the horror genre of gaming and have played many of these games in the countdown. I just loved Doom 3, especially at 3am with all the lights out without a sound in the house. Watch the clip below:

Cool wasn’t it!